A strategy for integrating this into the session-tracking stuff would be:

1.  Write all of your code to use the session tracking API.
2.  Pass separate state info in the URL like you're doing now.
3.  Copy the URL state into the current session on every request.

This is probably not very desirable for you Toby, especially as you already
have something working!  ;-)  The session tracking stuff doesn't buy you
very much.  I'd be interested, however, to get a strategy down in writing
for using the session tracking stuff to do what you're doing, as it's very

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On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 14:28:09 -0500, "Chris McDonough"

>This is a forwarding of an interesting session-related discussion between
>Andy and I... it covers the idea of storing session states as "snapshots"
>a particular time, later allowing users to select a session state.  This is
>useful if you wish to allow users to make incremental changes to data in a
>session and "bookmark" a session state for later copying into the current
>session.  This is something that the "bare" session tracking stuff won't do
>for you, although it can facilitate it tremendously.
>Input welcomed!

Ive been doing something similar for a while, which I know Ive
mentioned to Chris before, but I think this was before Andy joined the

Im storing session-like data pickled inside the URL. I end up with
long, ugly-looking URLs, but it does mean that a browser's bookmarks
and back button work as expected, effectively 'undoing' changes made
to thier session state.

This solution also avoids the problem of finding enough storage on the
server to store multiple revisions of each session.

At the moment this isnt based on 2.3.0's session support. I havent yet
looked at that and dont know how well it would integrate, although I
do hope to do that at some time.

Toby Dickenson

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