> I have recently upgraded to 2.3.0 and it has broken my FTP support.
> When I try to do an FTP upload to an instance of my ZClass, it fails
> because it is calling the default PUT of a webdav.Collection instead of
> the PUT of my python base class.
> My setup is such:
> A Python product with a ObjectManger(ish) base class that overrides PUT
> to do special manipulation of large files.  I have a bunch of ZClasses
> that inherit from my base classes for the management pages, meta data
> handling and 'live' updates.
> Now, instead of PUT being called on my base class, it is being called on
> webdav.Collection which throws an exception.
> In 2.3.0 ZClass inherits Base, webdav.Collection and SimpleItem where in
> 2.2.x ZClass only inherits from SimpleItem.
> Is there any way to get my old functionality back (without editing
> Zope)?

Hmm - this is a tricky one :(  One way might be to add 
a Python script named 'PUT' to your ZClass, which calls
an alias that you could add to your subclass that calls
that right PUT. Non-optimal, but might do the trick.

<python script, arguments REQUEST, RESPONSE>
  return self.my_PUT(REQUEST, RESPONSE)
</python script>

class MyBaseClass(...):

  def my_PUT(self, REQUEST, RESPONSE):
    # new alias to call the right PUT. you could
    # also just rename your custom PUT, but this 
    # example tries to preserve the contract of
    # your base class in case something else 
    # depends on it...
    return MyBaseClass.PUT(self, REQUEST, RESPONSE)

    # existing custom PUT handler

We were trying to make life easier for the majority by 
adding FTP/DAV support to ZClasses, but as you point out 
this may cause difficulties for folks who are trying to 
handle certain HTTP methods themselves already :(  

I wonder if a better way to go might be to provide a 
mixin that people can use when defining a ZClass that 
adds the default FTP/DAV support? Then I suppose that 
people with existing ZClasses would then be mad (because
there would be no easy way to add that support to existing

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