>From: "Júlio Dinis Silva" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [Zope-ZEO] zope+zodbc+zeo issues
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 18:46:16 -0000

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We are running for some months a zeo-based site where clients have a zodbc connection

to mssqlserver. We had  defined a big value for the clients cache, but recently we drastically decrease that value due to memory problems.

The problem we are debugging now is that once in a while one of the clients became zombie

and going to a good client and doing the "close zodbc connection" the zombie one start moving ok.

So what is happening here? We think since we decrease the size of our clients cache, activity

in sqlserver is now bigger, so clients request more often sql executions.

We believe there is something wrong having this zodbc object shared by zeo clients where

each one of the clients have a NT ODBC DSN source to the sqlserver.

So question is: is it safe to share the same odbc adapter connection with zeo clients or one should take some special care. We are moving into trying to put each client using each own

zodbc connection. Dont ask me how cause we are going to hit it with a large hammer.

Any comments?


Julio Dinis Silva


ps. sorry if this message goes in html format cause this fuc. hotmail webmail client now

has a activex object that I cant disable.


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