Hi peeps,

I'm trying to figure out whether to continue work on
an existing ZClass product, or rewrite it from scratch.

I get a claustrophobic feeling working with ZClasses,
and using Python products is more intuitive to me..
I've also seen several people (including guys from DC)
refer to ZClass products as (paraphrasing) not-so-good
and half-baked..

Anyways, would you care to help me list the pros and cons
for ZClasses and Python products?

The greatest features of ZClasses are, AFAICS:

        TTW editing, very good for interface designers
        Rapid prototyping
        Easiliy transferable products

(If you think there's anything missing from that very short
 list, please share your thoughts..)

And the greatest features of Python products is:

        Full control of *everything*

Now, rapid prototyping in Python products can be achieved using
products like mkzprod[1].

And, if there could be some facility to edit all DTML and image files
related to a Python product TTW, (and maybe be able to 'subclass'
or override these on a per product instance basis), I can't see
any *good* reason to develop products with ZClasses.

[1] mkzprod: http://www.zope.org/Members/eenge/mk-zprod

Hoping for a good discussion..



BTW: I've basically made up my mind, and it'll be Python products.
        If I can make the DTML and images editable TTW that is...

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