Jon Franz wrote:

> I think this may be a problem with passive/active FTP sessions and
> (possibly) proxies settign between you and the Zope instance.  I've had the
> same problem with other FTP clients when I try to FTP into a Zope server: at
> one client's office they do NAT, which acts as a proxy - around 60% of the
> time my FTP session will lock up on a PUT, and the WHOLE zope instance dies.

    I am accessing the FTP directly, don't know if there is something that would
act like a proxy. I am going to check for that...

> I had written it off as somethign to do with the clien'ts network - but if
> its happening to others out there too, then maybe its time we launched an
> investigation into this?  The problem I noticed when I looked at it
> previously is that no error was ever logged, even with the debug option
> turned on - the zope instance just died mysteriously.

    In my case, when the debug option is turned on it is worst because then it
always dies. I don't know if the same would happen with stdio/stderr redirected
to something like /dev/null or a file...


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