More questions on CoreSessionTracking. On on site I wish to persist the
information on a session indefinitely so a user can reconnect with those
previous session settings. I looked at "External Session Data Container"
(ESDC) and had some questions here I go:

-    Why does an ESDC have a session timeout in 20 minutes, yet the cookie
lifespan can be 30 days. Surely there will be no way to tie a cookie back up
to a session since the ESDC will be have had that person nuked, I was sort
of hoping I coudl persist the data in the ESDC for a long time to provide
storage (I could always set the minutes to 99999 or something silly). I
guess if I really want data to be persisted for ever some sort of Membership
product will be needed...
-    Mounting a non-undoable db into Zope is not trivial unless there is
something Im missing. There's a non-undoable system every Zope installation
has called the file system, why dont we use that? I was thinking we could
modifiy LocalFS to provide that sort of functionality would be much


  Andy McKay.

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