Arno Gross writes:
 > Can I apply stop words in a ZCatalog?
You can:

  ZCatalog's "Lexicon"'s (--> SearchSupport.Lexicon.Lexicon)
  have a method "set_stop_syn" to provide a mapping
  for synonyms and stop word.

  I think, the source documentation is wrong:

    It says, the mapping would map words to a list of synonyms.
    When I looked at the code in "SearchSupport/Splitter.c",
    I had the impression that a map from a word
    to a single replacement is expected.
    A "None" replacement signifies a stop word,
    other replacements can be used for stemming
    or synomyms.

 > Are there stop words for german available?
 > If not I would try to compose a stop word list for german
 > and publish it.


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