Hi Andy,

   I think that ZPatterns may be helpful for something like this. You
could have certain attributes loaded from an exteral method that looks
on the filesystem for stuff.. and others in ZODB. It could be
configurable via SkinScript. At least this might be a quick way to get
something up for testing.... before mucking around in the pickling


>>>>> "AM" == Andy McKay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    AM> Ok whack idea #34... Well sort of, the idea was sparked by
    AM> ExtFile (yes its all his fault honest). We want to have files
    AM> on the file system for many reasons which I won't go into now,
    AM> just take it for granted. But we also want some of the objects
    AM> information to be in the standard data.fs, so we can catalog
    AM> it use acquisition provide a simple interface to it and so on.
    AM> So far you are saying thats ExtFile and you are right.

    AM> But we want to extend it to any object anywhere, instead of
    AM> storing the data attribute in the object and pickling it in
    AM> the ZODB I want to be able to store the data attribute on the
    AM> file system. This gives us loads of advantages we also thought
    AM> this would be extremely useful to other people.  We've bounced
    AM> around ideas on how to do this and here the only two so far:

    AM> - we could overload the data attribute with a class that on
    AM> Pickling into the ZODB instead writes it on to the
    AM> filesystem...  - we could in the ZODB put a hack to say if
    AM> pickling something with so and so attribute do this instead...

    AM> I feel like this something I should just not be doing, but it
    AM> would be great if I could get it work...

    AM> -- Andy McKay.

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