Usually tag-syntax/usage is discussed more on the basic Zope list,
but to be honest, I've always found the distinctions between the two 
blurred:  people who use Zope sometimes post on dev, people who develop 
products and/or patches sometimes post on Zope-general, and people
are developing _On_ Zope seem to choose one via the close-my-eyes-and-
point technique.

Also, occasionally a random monkey will Spam one or both lists,
resulting not only in complaints and searches for a collar/muzzle for 
the monkey, but the hiding of all bananas in site.

What is worse, though, is when a monkey brings up a licensing 
issue/argument/troll on either list - this usually results in the sad
of heads by all other monkeys viewing the dispute for the umpteenth time,
a lot of worthless Spam filling the list as monkeys who should be doing
something useful (coding, bug-finding, and grooming their friends for fleas)

waste effort by arguing the same old arguments first
heard in 3E10 BC when Grog couldn't decide whether to share Fire with
Bant and the rest of the tribe, keep it to himself quietly, or patent it and
one-click shopping.  (He decided inventing the patent office would take too 

Anyway, enough silly humor - I don't think your posts are off-topic,
since the issues raised do end up revealing a deficiency (in my opinion!) in

ZSQLMethods - the legality of unsafe <dtml-var> tags.

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> Not taken as being harsh from where I stand! The more we 
> know...the better!
> Thanks for the guidelines and the URL. It has been passed on 
> to the group
> that handles the MySQL on our server. Have not started using it for
> Production, but will be soon.
> From a recent post, I noticed that this topic might be better 
> suited for the
> normal Zope list. Would this be accurate? Comments welcome on accepted
> topics. 
> Thanks
> Allen
<<SNIP Discussion of safe SQL and the <dtml-sqlvar> and <dtml-sqltest> tags

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