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> Some of us over at (<URL:>) have
> been discussing the fenomena that is called ZopePrints.  I'll give a
> brief explanation, and would appretiate feedback as to whether this a
> good idea or not.
> A ZopePrint is a document, or maybe a set of documents, which
> describes a part of, or the complete development process for a Zope
> application.  This could include the whole process from when the
> customers tell you they want to do project X with you, till you
> actually finish it and it's up and running in the customers offices.
> Some points may be:
>         * Problem definition
>         * Problem analysis
>         * Project management (Resource allocation)
>         * Design phase
>         * Zope design
>         * Test phase
> (Have a looksy at
> <URL:> to check out
> all the suggestions, and my initial post.)
> The rationale behind this is that the community at large would benefit
> from this by having _real_life_ case studies so when their time has
> come to implement an application in Zope, they don't fall into the
> same traps and pitfalls we did.  Instead of benchmarks, the Zope
> community would use implementation documents to decide whether Zope is
> up for the job or not, that's what really helps.
> I'm quite sure that it will also work as a tool for finding gaps and
> holes in either Zope or its tools and Products.
> We would like to start a project going in the Fishbowl which aims at
> creating the right tools to document a project as described above.
> Feel free to make suggestions!

Funny you should mention that :)  We have been working on just
such a site, using the PTK^H^H^HCMF as a tool for managing its
own project artifacts.  We are calling the project the "CMF
dogbowl", as it is a cross between the Fishbowl process and the
"eat your own dogfood" mantra made famous by the Mozilla team.
Please see:

for our work-in-progress.  Note that this is a separate Zope
instance from the rest of 'dev', and that your existing
membership is not (yet) valid there.

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