On 12 Feb 2001, 23:04  Chris Maresca wrote:
> If I recall correctly, there is a tool for doing this call srvany,
> part of the resource kit.

I use srvany for running some background services written in 
Python on some of my servers. It works so far, but not as reliable 
as I'd like - especially stopping/restarting a service often fails, 
which is a PITA.

> Mine installed as a service on w2k by default...

This doesn't use svrany.exe, but pythonservice.exe, which is part 
of the win32 extensions written by Mark Hammond, now with 
ActiveState. "Python programming on Win32" by Mark Hammond 
and Andy Robinson contains some documentation on how to use 
pythonservice.exe. The Windows version of Zope makes use of this 
driver program, when installing Zope as a service. The relevant logic 
for running Zope as a Windows service is contained in 
Zserver/ZService.py.   I intend to switch from svrany to using 
pythonservice.exe for the aforementioned reason.

That's almost all I know about this specific topic at this time; I'd 
suggest that Andy McKay might ask his colleague Mark about 
pythonservice.exe, instead of doing guesswork :-)

> Chris.
> On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Andy McKay wrote:
> > Anyone tried or got a script to create / delete the windows registry
> > settings for running a zope server as a service. It would make my
> > life a lot easier... If no-one has I could recreate them from
> > observation.

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