> From: "Chris Withers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> We're actually phasing this hack out in favour of a Virtual Host Monster
> which
>> seems like a much cleaner solution...

> Sorry, Chris, VHM is irrelevent to this problem.  If you want to know the
> original remote IP, you have two choices:

> 1. Use one of the Apache patches that have been posted.

> 2. Mangle it into URLs and extract it with an AccessRule.

> Neither one of these is really satisfactory at the moment, since medusa
> doesn't know either solution, and so z2.log doesn't get the proper IP
> addresses.  I'm hoping that one of these days we can standardize on #1 and
> provide support in medusa.

I don't get why it is necessary at all to use medusa's logging when using apache
or squid etc. as a proxy. I for instance use apache to also serve content which
isn't contained in the ZODB (large files etc.), and I want the logs/statistics to 
also contain information about these.
Btw. with a small module it's even possible to log the usernames with apache,
something medusa isn't capabable of afaik (as of zope version < 2.3).


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