first a more python/httplib.py specific question: I know
there has been a patch for this module to support socket timeout
exception but I cant find the bastard. Anyone?

I can see that in Python2.0 the urllib module now has a timeout 
implementation but is it safe to replace urllib.py from 2.0 in zope's
python modules? I know... I will try it... but if someone has any experience 
in this would help.

Now more zope/Zserver specific: ZServer/medusa has a timeout option,
I reduced this value but that just doesnt seems to work, I still have zombie 
channels running for days.

Meanwhile I'm working on a External Method that imports Zhttpserver stuff 
where I can enter in the zope's channels poll and find the
zombie ones and hopefully killing/closing the bastards, thats just what 
Zserver.maintenance() should do but doesnt.

A final point is I know in unix I could use the signal module
but I'm working on NT (dont laugh like a drain please :-), which doesnt 
support signals but supports a "structured exception handling"
(whatever this means...), bottom line, is there a signal like module
in python working on NT that I could use to for instance wrap httplib and 
urllib calls?

Any comments?
Júlio Dinis Silva

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