If you bump maxusers up to 64 (from the default 32) and rebuild
the kernel the messages should go away... it's worked for me. 

>>>>> "RDM" == Zope mailing lists <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    RDM> On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Sin Hang Kin wrote:
    >> When starting Zope2.3 from the freebsd box, the kernel says :
    >> file: table is full.
    >> The kern.maxfiles is set to 1064, does zope really need that
    >> many? what number should I need to make zope happy?

    RDM> I noticed this problem with Zope and FreeBSD a long time ago,
    RDM> and managed to track it down to zserver or python or a python
    RDM> module opening every possible socket number separately on
    RDM> startup (this is from an lsof dump as zserver is starting).
    RDM> The ones it doesn't use get closed somehow, but it sure was a
    RDM> weird thing to see.  I've no idea if this is a bug in
    RDM> zserver/python or a bug in FreeBSD, and since it hasn't been
    RDM> causing me any real problems (just the message in the log), I
    RDM> haven't bothered to track it further.  I still see the
    RDM> messages though, and I'm now running FreeBSD 4.2S and Zope
    RDM> 2.3.0.

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