Thanks that works :-) And you know what I've tried that before posting
but inside the test tab of my zclass. I should tried it inside the client Folder.

    Anyway that's OK.

>I'm not quite sure what you mean, could you elaborate please?  Do you
>mean like you want to search for any object and get a reference
>(kewords: ZCatalog, getobject and searchResults) or just to have a
>HTML link (keywords: relative_url and absolute_url) or what?  :)

      I want to give the id (eventually qualified) of an object and get
a reference to it. I'm talking about persistent objects inside the ZODB.

  A question is the ZODB using the DOM? Because getparentNode() is a DOM method.

  For example it should be interesting to walk through the database using only
DOM methods. Is that the case ? with them I can anywhere I want. I'm using
Mozilla exclusivley and all my Javascript code use the DOM so I will be
'at home'.

    Maybe all that questions already answered, sorry if that's the case.


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