Hi guys,

after solving the problem with the long integers (thanx) there's another related 
incident happening with the tree tag. 

I've used the tree tag according to the 'book' like:
<dtml-tree id=search_id branches_expr="sql.zt_child_lookup(parent_id=search_id)"> ... 

The Mysqlda returns again something incompatible  (couldn't it simply be handled in 
the Mysqlda code for downward compatibility reasons?) so i get:

'call of non-function (type long int)' which kills the zope function, with Info: 
(['AAAAAAAAE5M=', []], {'childless_decoration': '', 'id': 'search_id', 
'branches_expr': <method Eval.eval of Eval instance at 0x899ea4c>, 'url': 'tpURL'}, 
(['AAAAAAAAE5M=', []],), (['AAAAAAAAE5M=', []],)))

Trying to fix it with an adjusted ('_.int(search_id)' didn't work, which is hardly 
surpricing as i do not know what i'm doing in the first place when the tree tag is 

So again LONGing (..the AAAAAAAAE5M seems somehow appropriate ..). In the mean time 
i'm trying to figure it out. Will keep you posted.

(zope 2.3.0.src, python 2.0, MySQL-python-0.3.2, MySQL 3.23, Z MySQL DA 2.0.0)

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