Andy: Thank you for replying to my questions. I'd like to clarify some of
them, and see where I should be asking them. I do realize they are not
Zope-specific issues. My assumption is that other Zope developers have
encountered similar needs and have solved them.

Re client stuff: Part of the problem for me is that I an not sufficiently
familiar with the technology; I have heard terms like "Java Swing" and
"Applets" that (I think) address what I want; form components that send data
to and receive updates from a server process without retransmit ting the
entire page.

So this question is: How do I use (Zope and) Python to receive data from
such components and send updated data to one or more of these components?

The person who introduced me to Zope said that there was a Python runtime
version that could run bytecode in a page using the JVM in a browser. So I
need to know if this is true, and how to set it up.

> Uggh Visual FoxPro? Don't use foxpro

Well I wish I had have known that 4.5 years ago. Microsoft sold me a piece
of junk with really slick advertising. At that time it was the only tool I
knew of that was capable of cross-platform (PC-MAC) application development.
I did not know that the RAD they promised was almost completely negated by
the abysmal documentation, bugs, errors; I also did not know that they were
dropping Mac support. Sigh. Those issues aside, I have enjoyed VFP; it has
been my introduction to OOP and we do have a marketable product. The goal
now is to re-engineer the application for the Web using (I presume) Zope,
Python, and mySQL.

> what ODBC product are you using.

"Zope ODBC Database Adapter 3.1.0b2 (Development)  1999/09/03"

Bob Gailer

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