> > 
> > I would rather be able to construct a Brain Schema
> > at search time
> > equivalent to the way theSELECT statement sets up
> > the result attributes
> > in SQL. 
> > Example: 
> >     resultset =
> > Catalog.searchResults(query,schema=('id','title','keywords'))
> Why is this important? I would suggest not putting big
> stuff in the meta-data that might warrant this. Just
> use the nifty new (v2.3) getObject method of the brain
> to access whatever properties/methods of the actual
> object you might need.

If I have allot of MetaDatas and do allot of searches,
one for each page hit, I assume it would use up allot of
memory and do allot of copying of attributes?
I want to use ZCatalog for dynamic linking.

> > 2. The laziness of the ZCatalog search result means
> > it's batched?
> Lazy sequences work by not loading the result items in
> memory until they are actually accessed.

Ok, suppose I should have known that. Thanks.


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