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> On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 03:54:29PM +0100, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > Is there an efficient way to use an external editor to edit DTML Documents? 
> > Some people in my homepage group are tired of the ZMI and I can understand 
> > them, especially because of a lack of syntax highlighting.
> > There is the possibility of copy'n'paste and upload again, but that's ugly. I 
> > also read that development on the Mozilla-based management tool is not 
> > continued. (That's sad, BTW...)
> > Could I use WebDAV (don't have any experience with it) to retrieve and save 
> > the DTML source? If so, is there a good HTML source code editor (don't want 
> > WYSIWYG!) for Windows or Linux supporting WebDAV?
> > 
> > Any suggestions welcome!
> You can use HTMLKit: 
> It supports FTP better than any other Windows tool I know; it can
> optionally open files without an extension inside itself. This is a
> god-sent for DTML objects like standard_html_header.
> There aren't any WebDAV enabled editors I know of that actually make use
> of the added functionality of WebDAV server; they treat it like any other
> FTP server. The only exception is Adobe GoLive 5; it uses WebDAV
> properties and locking extensively; but you said No WYSIWYG.. :)

Cadaver (

$ cadaver http://localhost:9088
Looking up hostname... Connecting to server... connected.
Connecting to server... connected.
dav:/> edit standard_html_header
Connecting to server... connected.
Downloading `/standard_html_header' to /tmp/cadaver-edit-Be2V3i Authentication
required for Zope on server `localhost':
Username: manager
Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 80 bytes succeeded.
Running editor: `vim /tmp/cadaver-edit-Be2V3i'...
Changes were made.
Uploading changes to `/standard_html_header'
Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 85 bytes succeeded.
dav:/> for me. :)

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