Actually just follow up I realised I never told you how I solved this
problem. I compacted all data types into File, Image or DTML Document. Since
I had ExtFile and ExtImage I chopped those into one class called it
ExtThing, and the wrote classes off it. ExtFile and ExtImage I cut and
pasted (not complete) for the most part.

Then I wrote a class that called ExtHTML that is a DTML Document that
overrides the munge() and read() read functions. Instead I passed those onto
ExtThing. And there you go a DTML Document that has the main body stored on
the local file system.

Thanks McGregor.
  Andy McKay.

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> Ok whack idea #34... Well sort of, the idea was sparked by ExtFile (yes
> all his fault honest). We want to have files on the file system for many
> reasons which I won't go into now, just take it for granted. But we also
> want some of the objects information to be in the standard data.fs, so we
> can catalog it use acquisition provide a simple interface to it and so on.
> So far you are saying thats ExtFile and you are right.
> But we want to extend it to any object anywhere, instead of storing the
> attribute in the object and pickling it in the ZODB I want to be able to
> store the data attribute on the file system. This gives us loads of
> advantages we also thought this would be extremely useful to other people.
> We've bounced around ideas on how to do this and here the only two so far:
> -    we could overload the data attribute with a class that on Pickling
> the ZODB instead writes it on to the filesystem...
> -    we could in the ZODB put a hack to say if pickling something with so
> and so attribute do this instead...
> I feel like this something I should just not be doing, but it would be
> if I could get it work...
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>   Andy McKay.
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