Cyril Elkaim wrote:

 > for item in container.objectItems():
 >   if string.strip(item[0]) == image:
 >     image_width = int(item[1].getProperty("width"))
 >     image_height = int(item[1].getProperty("height"))

Also, a stylistic point:

In Python, you can use something called "tuple unpacking" or "list 
unpacking" that can often help to make your code clearer if you find 
yourself referencing the elements of a tuple by index.

Thus, you can rewrite your code, quoted above, as below:

   for name,object in container.objectItems():
     if string.strip(name) == image:
       image_width = int(object.getProperty("width"))
       image_height = int(object.getProperty("height"))

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