Chris McDonough wrote:
> > Also, could anyone point me to some good documentation (reference material
> > would be best) about how the different Indexes work?  I'm having a bit of
> > a struggle with numbers, FieldIndexes and TextIndexes.
> No.  ;-)  This is one of the things I'd like to get done soon.

On the subject of numbers, I was wondering how to index
alphanumeric values like ISBN numbers. They're unique
values, so perhaps some other approach than an index is
waranted, butthe simplest approach seems to be indexing them
as well. Here are some sample ISBN's:


As you can see by the second example, an ISBN can have
letters as well as numbers in it, so it cannot be
represented by an integer. Text indexes seem to ignore
'words' that contain numbers, though.

Any suggestions?

Michael Bernstein.

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