Is it just me, or has the tracebacks provided by Zope when an Exception is
raced gotten "worse"?  In Zope 2.3.1b1 it usually says file: DT_In (or one
of them), and doesn't even mention the file which the Exception was raised

Also, When I set the default width/height with the new ZMI and bring up a
Python Method window, it doesn't follow the default values I've put
in.  Maybe this is related to something else, because using the + and - on
width doesn't work very well either..  Maybe it is this old crappy version
of IE I'm running...

And another thing about those Python Methods.  When an Exception is raised
and it gives me the line number it seems to miss the correct line by
one.  Ie. if I raise an Exception on the first line in a Python Method, it
tells me that it was raised on line 2.

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