Hi Chris, RDM..

   There's also Zieve for this sort of thing... it 
seems to work well enough for me... 

>>>>> "RDM" == R David Murray <" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> writes:

    RDM> On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Chris Withers wrote:
    >> Apart from that, any ideas how I'd search for a record where
    >> the indexed attribute is blank or the secondary sort stuff?

    RDM> Somebody contributed a patch for the secondary sort stuff a
    RDM> while back.  Whether it still works with 2.3.0 is a good
    RDM> question.

    RDM> I also remember a *long* time ago (back when I was first
    RDM> starting with zope about a year ago) someone posting a method
    RDM> for picking up all the records in a catalog with a blank
    RDM> value for a field.  How you'd find it in the mail archives,
    RDM> though, I have no clue, nor do I remember what the method
    RDM> involved.

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