The Zope book is now available in raw (structured text) format in a
sourceforge CVS repository.  We are also using SF's bug tracking and other
tools to allow you better report problems to us than just email.  If you'd
like to check the book out of CVS, follow the instructions on this page
under 'Anonymous CVS Access':

What does this do for you?  Well, first off, if you see problems in the
book and you'd like to fix them, you can submit a patch to us instead of
an email "describing" your suggested fix in prose.  This is much more
accurate for us to see the problem you point out.  Tracking patches also
gives us a nice mechanism for making sure we give patch-submitters
honorable mention in the book!

Also, some people may want to distribute the book (in accordance with the
OPL license, or course) in some format we don't support yet, like LaTeX or
Word (yes, PDF is coming, we're working on it!).  With "the source" you
are free to go about converting the content into whatever format you'd

Lastly, although we try to keep the site as in-sync as possible with the
CVS, the latest and greatest bug changes to the book may be found in CVS,
where the web-site may lag a few days behind.

So check it out, and enjoy.


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