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On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Ausum wrote:

> Zope is a great application server, the same as its soon to be released Content
> Management Framework, because of  its bet on Python, everybody say it.
> Nevertheless, after reading the Directions Roadmap from DC, I was surprised that
> a substantial improvement of the searching features of Zope, wasn't mentioned as
> a major concern.
> For a new Zope enthusiast like me, it is a kind of addiction to arrange and
> administer content while taking the learning curve. Almost everybody in this
> list with a non-programming background might've experimented this. But when I
> arrived to the search features of ZCatalog, I got mixed feelings. (Right now I'm
> stuck on this OR indexes searching :)  )
> The fact is that - according to my strong belief - everybody uses more Google to
> look for Zope Site's content than Zope's own Zcatalog's search engine. Moreover,
> everybody uses more Google to look for everything, bypassing windows, doors, and
> portals!. Why? Because it's terribly smart (not mentioning its 6,000 Linux
> boxes, by the way), and because there's no need to follow the highly-engineered
> information architecture of a web site, if there's a trustful shorcut to the
> relevant content!. So, if I'd have to mention one big feature improvement to
> Zope, I wouldn't doubt: "search engine".
> I just wanted to point on this subject. I know Zope isn't about spidering and
> retrieving, but it should have "Greater Search Capabilities" as a title, within
> that roadmap.  :)
> Ausum
> p.d.   Right now I'm quite interested at the technology of searching and finding
> non structured content, in order to compose structured documents. For example,
> the guys at Vignette (StoryServer) say that its customers don't need to keyword
> anything in order to have a "related content" section. After the writer finishes
> a story, (possibly while) a routine by Autonomy ( reads the
> document and finds out what the document is about, and so it triggers a search
> for related content within the site, without the need of intervention by the
> writer.  (For the curious, Autonomy has published a personal version of its
> software. It's called Kenjin ( ). On the other hand, Fast, from
> Norway, already have a nice multimedia search engine, from regular,
> non-structured, spidered web pages. Can we do that "structuring the
> unstructured" thing within Zope?
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