These comments are against the CVS of about a week ago. I can't get to the
CVS to update at the moment - the connection times out.

Is there a reason why the manage_main call at the end of manage_copyObjects
and manage_cutObjects in CopySupport gets called as
self.manage_main(REQUEST) instead of self.manage_main(self, REQUEST)? Using
the first form, we found that the manage_main call was dying because it
couldn't acquire various attributes and methods it needed (eg,
manage_page_header :). The second form just makes sense...

In the Copy operation of manage_pasteObjects, the manage_afterClone is
called before the object is added to its container. We'd much prefer the
object to be both added to the container and re-got so it the
manage_afterClone call may make use of acquired information. This is of use
specifically for us so that the object may determine its new URL and
catalog itself with our (Z)Catalog.

Interestingly, a call to absolute_url() on the object breaks because
self.REQUEST is '<Special Object Used to Force Acquisition>' (yes, a
string). Buggered if I know where that came from (actually, I know it
originates in Acquisition.c, but that's a scary, scary place :)


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