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I'm using Zope for a school's homepage. There is a small team of people
managing the site. Their user definitions (in acl_users) have the "team" role
wich is defined at the root folder. The "team" role is allowed to do everything
except managing users.
The team has been able to manage DTML Documents and Folders so far. Now I've
written a tiny python product (using the how-to). And now they're not
allowed to manage the properties of instances. Interesting enough, my self-defined
permissions don't appear under "Security". What am I doing wrong? Here is a
code sniplet out of my python code:

__ac_permissions__= (
  ('View management screens',
     ('manage_main', 'manage_InfoForm'), ('Manager,')),
     ('', 'index_html', 'getInfo', 'getPhoto'), ( 'Manager', 'Anonymous')),
  ('Add Image',
     ('manage_addImage',), ('Manager',))


Globals.default__class_init__( CkTeacher )

Another problem:
A DTML Method calls objectValues() on the folder. Calling the method on any
sub-folder works, but calling it on the root folder fails, even when I'm
logged in as a Manager. I figured it fails because of some sub-object's

Thanks in advance


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