Jerry Spicklemire wrote:

>I don't pretend to fully "get" any of the stuff these guys, nor the
>DC crew, not to mention the PythonLabs team, and all the astounding
>folks on the lists are cooking up for the rest of us. All that I
>can say for certain is that based on past history, it will be even
>more amazing than the stuff that has me totally dazzled already.
>Thanks Phil, Ty, Jim, Brian, Paul, Shane, Tres, Michel, Amos, Guido,
>Tim, Ken, and way too many more to mention!
>Jerry S.

Yeah, what he said.

>So, Zope's greatest strength is its Web-centricity, but it can also
>be it's Achille's heal, once the Web reaches maturity, and technology
>moves on. Something like TransWarp can assure that all the goodies that
>we build for Zope can continue to live on and remain viable, long after
>"The Web" is a quaint artifact, a footnote in the primitive history of
>an ubiquitous Global Communication System.

True, but... technology in the real world tends to lag way behind 
technology in the developer's community. I believe I'll have clients 
asking me to give them shopping carts for quite a while longer, so 
I'm more interested in anything that will make that work easier, than 
in exploring The Web TNG, or whatever happens to come next.

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