I'm pulling out my hair trying to get Zope working on OpenBSD 2.8.  I
understand that there are issues...someone sent in a bug report on 1/15/2001
to the OpenBSD folks with the exact problem I'm experience.

The problem has something to do with threading.  I've tried 2.3.0 and 2.3.1b1
and the situation is the same in both: builds fine and starts fine, but when
you try to go to /manage, python shoots up to 99% on the CPU and it never

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to proceed, or if there is a
more recent development snapshot that 2.3.1b1 that I could try...?

Also, I notice that I *have* to use python 1.5.2, not any later version.
Later versions give ugly "got node 12, expected node 312" errors.  I've
seen some posts on deja.com that Solaris people have this problem as well.
This is not a problem (I installed python 1.5.2), just want to mention it
in case it's important.

Thanks for any assistance!

<Goes back to his caterwauling "I want my Zope" sobbing...>

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