Hello all,

  Zope 2.3.1 beta 2 has been released - you can download it from


  Zope 2.3.1b2 contains a number of bug fixes, including the fixes 
  for the issues addressed by the 02/23 and 03/08 hotfixes. It also 
  contains a number of changes to address issues with ZCatalog. New 
  data structures have been introduced to reduce the number of conflict 
  errors caused by object indexing under some types of usage, and 
  to reduce the amount of object database bloat that occurs when 
  indexed objects change frequently.

  The changes to ZCatalog have been designed so that newly created 
  ZCatalog objects will take advantage of the new data structures. 
  Existing ZCatalog objects will continue to work with the old 
  data structures, but will not gain any of the benefits of the 
  new code. It is possible to upgrade an existing ZCatalog object 
  to use the new data structures by following the How-To at:


  **Users of the Zope source releases should note** that this release 
  contains new C code, as well as a few changes to existing C code. 
  If you are using a source release (or the source diff update), be 
  sure to run 'w_pcgi.py' or 'wo_pcgi.py' as appropriate before starting 
  Zope to ensure that your binaries are rebuilt.

  For more information on what is new in this release, see the 
  CHANGES.txt and HISTORY.txt files for the release:



  Note that we have also posted "diff" updates as .tgz files 
  that will let you easily upgrade an existing 2.3.x site. 
  These updates are available for those currently using the 
  2.3.x source release or the 2.3.x binary releases.

  To apply a differential update to your site:

    - download the appropriate .tgz file from zope.org
    - shutdown your Zope process
    - copy the .tgz to your Zope directory and extract it
    - run w_pcgi or wo_pcgi *if you are not using a binary release*
    - restart your process

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