The bug collector doesn't appear to be working, so I apologize if this
issue has already been raised.

ZCatalog is failing for me when I attempt to reindex the catalog after
adding a keyword index.  Zope complains of a name error for Except
on line 118 of  Here's the code in question:

        # First we need to see if there's anything interesting to look at
        # is the name of the index, which is also the name of the
        # attribute we're interested in.  If the attribute is callable,
        # we'll do so.
            newKeywords = getattr(obj,
            if callable(newKeywords):
                newKeywords = newKeywords()
        except Except:   # ******** Line 118
            newKeywords = MV

Could the author have meant to write 'Exception' here instead of 'Except'?

I am running Zope 2.3.0 stable.  


Ed Goppelt

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