I'm in the process of trying out the ZPT stuff(thanks to Duncan Booth for
the win32 stuff).

Anyway up, It's all going according to plan but I have a few issues, maybe
someone has a better idea than me what's wrong here.

<code starts here>

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<html xmlns:tal=""
    <title tal:insert="here/title">The title</title>
    <h2 tal:insert="here/title_or_id">the title</h2>
    <div tal:define="ui python:container.userInfo()">
      <b tal:replace="python:ui['dn']">crap</b>
      <b tal:replace="python:ui['sn']">crap</b>
      <b tal:replace="python:ui['cn']">crap</b>
    <hr />
    <a href="index_html">click here to refresh</a>


</code ends here>

The problem is that I'm getting a traceback (I won't bore you with the
details unless I have to) to the effect of 'ui' being unknown.

If I replace the 'div' in the code above with:

<b tal:replace="python:container.userInfo()['dn']">crap</b>
<b tal:replace="python:container.userInfo()['sn']">crap</b>
<b tal:replace="python:container.userInfo()['cn']">crap</b>

then all works according to design, but with a lot more overhead.

btw, the userInfo method returns a dictionary of LDAP information, it works
in all other contexts, so I don't think the problem is there.

Anyone got any ideas?


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