> <snip, regarding aq_chain>
>    So nobody (including the various Products I have installed) uses this
> incredibly useful attribute. I have numerous places in my source where I
> loop through aq_parent attributes.

A good question is whether aq_chain really should be a 
public interface. It was added (I think) as a debugging 
aid rather than necessarily to be used by application 
code. This is probably one for Jim to answer (I've CC'ed
him on this). If Jim thinks it should be part of the 
public interface, then someone should add a documentation 
bug report on this so that Amos and Michel can see that 
it is included in the right places.

>    It'd be nice to have even a mention in the acquisition documentation.
> Poking around the Acquisition C source tells me that there's another
> attribute, aq_inner, that isn't documented either.

I think aq_inner is a public interface - this should also 
be a doc bug report.

Before anyone asks, note that 'aq_uncle' is _not_ part of the 
public interface, and is only an exercise in Jim having fun :^)

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