> I've gotta weigh in here, too;  the breakage induced by this change
> will be large.  Give that what *real* users expect is *neither* a
> Boolean "AND" *nor* a Boolean "OR", but instead a DWIM/Googlesque
> "affinity" search, I don't think the win is clear enough to warrant
> the breakage:
>   * "AND" searches return *small* result sets;  non-programmers
>     will be surprised by the often-empty lists they get back,
>     and won't have any clue how to broaden their search.  False
>     negatives suck.

I think most people are getting used to narrowing their search by adding
terms.  Google, Yahoo, Lycos and the like have trained them to do this.  I
think the idea that folks, even nonprogrammers, don't know to do this in the
post-1995 world may be a little flawed.

> Given that any site manager can override the policy trivially, using
> only two lines of DTML, should we really be switching the (admittedly
> arbitrary) existing polciy embedded in the core?

No, I suppose not.  I'll change it back.  :-(  Not happy about it.

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