Hi Lex,

This is a little bit of a tricky question.  Here is what I think is the 
*intent* of ZPatterns. The details of storage are to be left up to the
implementor/integrator. Given that they are the only ones who really know where
all the goodies are hidden (sql? zodb? etc.. ) your app shouldn't 
assume any particulars here. What your app *can* do is demand that the
objects that are used satisfy a particular interface (e.g., have
certain methods or attributes that behave in particular ways.). With
ZPatterns, what look like attributes can really be methods, due to
the flexible nature of SkinScript. I see in your tutorial that you're
trying to help the integrator by putting SkinScript in for them...
but I think that in ZPatterns, it's probably better to leave that
up to them... or at least to assume ZODB ( something everyone has)
rather than SQL. Does any of that make sense?

take care,

>>>>> "Lex" == Lex Berezhny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Lex> Hello,

    Lex>   I dont know if i'm missing something, or if this is just a
    Lex> style question. But where do the implimentation specific
    Lex> get/set methods go (the functions called within a SkinScript
    Lex> for example)? Do i just stick them anywhere in the aquistion
    Lex> path, or is there some logical place I should place them? How
    Lex> can I write my application so that the user can switch data
    Lex> sources with a click of a button (ie, without having to
    Lex> delete one implimentations' methods, and paste the new ones)?
    Lex> I hope my question makes sense.

    Lex> BTW once i figure this out, i'll be able to finish my
    Lex> tutorial on ZPatterns:

    Lex> http://www.zope.org/Members/eukreign/ZPatternsTutorial

    Lex>  - lex

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