I just packaged up DCOracle2 Alpha 5 on Zope.org.  Given that
there are no glitches or
geez-I-shouldnta-changed-that-at-the-last-minute fixes present,
I'm ready to have a wider set of people eyballing it.  A few
have, largely just from seeing it show up on the News column of

If you use DCOracle, either with Zope/ZOracleDA or directly, and
are interested in evaluating it, I am currently welcoming all
feedback, from packaging, documentation, functionality, etc.

While I am nominally subscribed to zope-dev, I route all its
mail into a separate folder that -- surprise, surprise -- I
don't read very frequently.  I strongly encourage people to
contact me directly with their comments or questions.

I have NT builds and Unix/NT source available at 


The NT build is against Oracle 8.1.7; I am not a real NT person
so I don't know how portable that binary is.

I am *NOT* interested in answering general Oracle questions; I'm
trusting those who mail me will take this into consideration
(i.e. if it isn't about DCOracle or DCOracle2...)

This should build on Solaris with gcc and on Linux systems; I
have no access to other platforms to try them.  The 'make'
command at the top directory should be sufficient to build from
source on Solaris or Linux.  Obviously, you need Oracle
installed -- I get flaky behavior with Oracle 8.0 on Linux, but
much better behavior with Oracle 8.1.  

Stupid database inserts (e.g. repeat 'INSERT INTO...' 100 times)
seem to be about 25% faster than DCOracle.  LOBS seem to work. 
Stored procedures (at least my simple ones) work.  Complex stuff
may not.  I still have not done any REF CURSOR stored procedure
testing, so that's probably quite buggy.  Ditto automatic
conversion for ROWIDs (see the documentation at how to get at
the raw unconverted data).  I get bad Oracle behavior (NULL
data) trying to insert more than 8-10 rows with executemany()
but it's very random and not visible where the problem is (it
just *CANT* be an Oracle bug!)

Anyone who wants to do platform migration to other 'nixes is
encouraged to submit patches.

If you rate the docs, please don't complain about formatting in
the HTML version, as it's just a "save as..." HTML doc, and
looks like it.  The dco2documentation.aw file is the source
document, but I've also provided postscript, rtf, and html

And, while there is a setup.py in the top level (for distutils)
it isn't platform aware; Andreas Jung kindly provided it to me
and I haven't spiffed it up, since I (like Majikthies and
Vroomfondle) demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and
uncertainty (read: I know how to do it better with shell scripts
& makefiles).


Matt Kromer

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