I'm worried that versioning is not working properly on my Zope 2.3.0
web site.  Since my site is due to receive some major publicity, the
flakiness of versioning worries me a good deal.  I'm hoping some of
the more experienced developers can advise me on whether I should
continue to use versioning and/or whether I have a corrupt ZODB.

What has been your experience with Versions?  Is this a reliable
feature of Zope?

Here's what happened: I recently committed a Version to the ZODB, but
Zope showed many of the objects as still having uncommitted changes
(the red diamond).  Further, Zope showed many items as having changed
that I know for a fact I did not edit (mainly Python scripts).  Worst
of all, the site became inaccessible to users, with Zope responding to
page requests with a VersionLockError.  Thankfully, Zope seems to have
committed the changes after I saved the Version changes a *second*
time, but the fact that Zope got so confused about what had changed
makes me reluctant to use versioning in the future.


Ed Goppelt

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