Steve Spicklemire wrote:
> I posted this to the Wiki... but it's not "in-your-face" like email,
> so I never know if anyone reads it.

Thanks for sending this to e-mail.  (I never read the Wikis -- I mean
to, but never find the time.)

> I'm looking
> at all this from the perspective of someone who is using the current
> xml/zexp code to manage objects in CVS today

Can you tell me how you do that?  Our big problem is that we can't
import over existing objects.  Are we doing something wrong?

Here's our set up:

We have developers all over the world that can check code in and out of
SourceForge.  We'd like our developers to be able to work on our site
using their own local instances of Zope, export everything from their
Zope ODB to their local filesystem, then use CVS to check in all the
changes they've made to SourceForge.  Then to keep in synch, everyone
else can update their local copies of the source tree, and import the
updates into their local instances of Zope.

The problem: imports raise all sorts of conflict errors -- we basically
have to delete everything before importing it.

> It seems to me that the current import/export
> mechanism is actually pretty close to what we need for serialization.

I agree.  We also have the hooks for a file system like representation
already built in with the FTP interface.

So I think an evolution rather than a revolution it called for.

I want to comment on the rest of your message, but will have to do that
later in the week.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.
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