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> Hi,
> I have imported about 2500 xml files in ParsedXML objects through the
> use of  :
> manage_addProduct['ParsedXML'].manage_addParsedXML(id, '', xmlString)
> This works perfectly.
> But when trying to browse the folder containing the ParsedXML instances,
> a whole lot of memory is used by Zope and it took my machine down.
> Have I done something wrong or does this info help you debug the product
> ? 

Hm, it's been pointed out to me that the inefficiency of the get_size
method of ParsedXML is compounded with many instances because the
standard management interface uses it.

It's possible that some stuff isn't getting garbage collected until
the transaction is done, and calling get_size on many ParsedXML
instances in one transaction is the problem.  I'll look into it.

I didn't think that anyone would want to see a management screen with
2500 ParsedXML instances - or 2500 instances of anything - at one
time. Have you tried using a BTree folder?

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ParsedXML *product* is a DOM
tree and a management interface around it.  The management interface
only gives you a convenient UI and a place to store a few bits that
the DOM doesn't know about (content type, namespace usage, etc.).
It's always more efficient to just use the DOM tree and related
utilities (parsing, printing), although it is less convenient - you
have to know a little bit more about what you're doing.  Do you need
each of those 2500 product instances?  See the createDOMDocument
method to create a DOM document without the management interface.

It's easy to wrap a ParsedXML product around an existing DOM tree -
see the initFromDOMDocument method.  Currently, you have to create the
persistent ParsedXML product which wraps the DOM Document node, and
install that product in a Zope ObjectManager (or subclass like Folder)
somewhere, to avoid a few warts.  Someday I'd like to be able to just
instantiate a management wrapper when I want a management interface,
and then just throw it away, without bothering to add it to a folder.

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