Hello all,

I am building an Image Archive Zope application using
ZPatterns. I originally was trying to convert the Photo
Product to ZPatterns in such a way as to still have it work
as a normal product, but that turned out to be too complex.

So, I am building the application fresh.

So far, I have a RackImage Python product that subclasses
from Image and DataSkin which seems to work fine. I can
create, upload, view  and delete the RackImages.

Now I am working on a ArchiveImage ZClass that holds 'meta'
information about an image, such as the description, a date,
and keywords.

I want to have one Rack for each image size that I want to

I realize that I need to tie the Racks together in the
specialist using SkinScripts, but I had a question that is a
bit more fundamental:

Where do I put the separate Racks? do I create a specialist
for each Rack (seems unneccessary) or do I put several Racks
in the same Specialist?

If the latter, I'm unsure how to use DTML or PythonScripts
to specify which Rack to create a new item in.

The DTML I am using to instantiate RackImages in the Rack
for example, is as follows:

<dtml-let ni="newItem(REQUEST.id)">
 <dtml-call "ni.manage_edit(REQUEST.title,'')">
 <dtml-call "ni.manage_upload(REQUEST.file)">

But this code only works for a Rack named defaultRack, which
I can obviously only have one of.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Bernstein.

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