Running Zope 2.2.2 on Dual PIII 933 with 1GB of RAM. This machine is
not fast enough to handle my requests (about 800 Users using this
system). It's a very complex document managing system with about 5000
documents actually and growing every day. Search requests are with
Python backend. The backend sends lists of objects with methods and
data. I print the data in DTML sequences calling the objects methods.
System is a 2 server system, which do the data syncing over xmlrpc.
One system is a Windows NT and the other is Linux. The high load
results on Windows NT in Dr. Watson system crashes and on Linux only zope
goes down. Windows NT crashes very often (about every hour), while
Linux is crashing every few month.

1.) I tried to optimize it with simple objects, that only have the data in
it and then print it with DTML (<dtml-var "variablename">). This is
faster, because of the simpler objects.

2.) I tried running zope with apache's cgi, fastcgi over sockets,
fastcgi over TCP/IP. Result: Slower than only Zope.

3.) Is there a way of avoiding error 'competing conflicts' in the
internal Zope Classes ? This crashes the NT box very often. So the
admin have to restart the service all the time :-( And it is not sure
that it comes up again. Sometimes a reboot is the only way.

Any Idea ? It doesn't matter how stupid it sounds.

ciao. Stefan

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