Title: RE: [Zope-dev] MySQL-python-0.3.5 with ZMySQLDA

mike wrote:
>> I just tried a build of the MySQL-python-0.3.5 module and
>> I get a file not found error because I don't have a cl.exe,
>> which is apparently something I need to finish the build.
>> Does anyone know what I'm missing?
>> I have Python 2.0 and MySQL 3.23.33 on win2000

phil wrote:
> You need Microsoft Visual C (6.x?) to compile what you want.

Ok, I installed Microsoft Visual C++ from Studio 6, and
after I did a successful build and install of the
setup.py file for the MySQL-python-0.3.5

I installed it in a folder in my python directory:

But the reason I was compiling this module is because it is
required for the installation of the ZMySQLDA database adaptor.

>>>  Installation
>>>    The Z MySQL database adapter uses the MySQLdb package. 
>>>    This must be installed before you can use the Z MySQL DA.
>>>    Instructions on building the extension modules are given in the
>>>    the README.txt file in the source directory.

Ok, I got this far, but I extract the ZMySQLDA to the
<zope-root>/lib/pyton/products directory, and the product doesn't
install properly. It appears broken in the products list.

Here is the error it gives on startup:

>>> Traceback (innermost last):
>>> File C:\zopes\chikoon\lib\python\OFS\Application.py, line 536 in import_products
>>>    (Object: string)
>>> File C:\zopes\chikoon\lib\python\Products\ZMySQLA\__init__.py, line 91, in ?
>>> File C:\zopes\chikoon\lib\python\Products\ZMySQLA\DA.py, line 91, in ?
>>> File C:\zopes\chikoon\lib\python\Products\ZMySQLA\db.py, line 89, in ?

Any ideas??? Is there something else besides the MySQLdb that
I must compile for the product to be successfully installed?



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