Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I query a field index with an empty string, I
expect to get returned all catalogued objects where that attribute's value _is_
the empty string.

Anyway, this happens most of the time and I wish it happened all the time.
Basically, the only situation where this _doesn't_ happen is when _none_ of the
objects catalogued in the field index have a value of the empty string, which
seems really bug and nasty to me ;-)

Well, the attached .zexp will demonstrate the problem nicely. Import it and
'Test' the 'dotest' python script.
..then read the source. You'll also see my gripe about the hard coded redirect
in manage_catalogReindex, which prevents you automatically re-indexing catalogs
unless you use the hack I did.

Right, I'm off to the collector :-)




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