> This bug will be the death of me.  I see it every once in a while.  It
> happens with mounted storages.  I think it has something to do with
> errors, but I'm not certain.  If you can reproduce it reliably, I'd love
> fix it.

Hmmm... I can produce this pretty reliably now on versions 2.2.4 through
2.3.1. I need to try and get it into something I can post to someone. Pretty
much all our servers now exhibit this.

My hunch is on CST but maybe it's catalog or (less likely) something else.
I'd agree with the conflicts thing, it certainly seems to make them happen
more often. I see a lot of them when packing zodb's too.

The only other thing I've noticed (well, haven't noticed ;-) is that I've
_never_ had any noticable data loss due to these messages and the OIDs are
always really low numbers.

Dunno if that helps, I'm just feeding in what data I can. That FieldIndex
bug is causing my much more pain right now :-S

Good luck,


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