Hi there,
I need the help with the following situation:
I have a folder test with the following structure
   1 Test
   a     index_html            some frames to structure the display
   a     zman                    (a product I am about to develop)
   a    data
   b         projects
   c             data                acesses database
   c             display            displayes the data
   b         documents
   c             data                acesses database
   c             display            displayes the data
(I hope you can still see the structure)
Now to display the records I use the following dtml-method(in the disply method):
      <dtml-in expr="PARENTS[0].data()">
        <OPTION selected value="<dtml-var sequence-index>">
          <dtml-var sequence-item>
This works fine if I am in projects od dicuments
Now my problem:
in index_html I only would like to splice the various parts togezher.
Like so:
<some glue>
    <dtml-var expr="PARENTS[0].data.projects.show()">
    <dtml-var expr="PARENTS[0].data.documents.show()">

</some glue>
Unfortunatelly I get an erro in the display-methodr:
    Error Value: PARENTS
    (Object: PARENTS[0].data())
Obviously when called like this, the method knows nothing of its anchestry.
How kan I call methods that are in a "lower" folder, and have them know theyr environment?
Thanks for your help.

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