Hi everybody!

I am trying to write some attribute provider for storing data inside
an SQL table as I am bored of typing parameter lists over and over
again (e.g. in every ZSQL method, in every SkinScript method etc.)

The problem now is that adding a new row to the table (and thus adding
a new object to the rack) is working well but updating an object does not.
Basically the main problem is that _objectChanged is not called in my provider.

What I did is the following:

- If an attribute of the propsheet is changed, _SetAttributeFor is called
  and stores it into the cache (as I don't want to update the database for
  every attribute change).

- _objectChanged is then supposed to create an sql query and execute it.
  This - as said - is actually not happening, as the whole method is not called.

- My namesForRegistration looks like this:

    def namesForRegistration(self,container):
        """ return names for registration """
        return {
            'getattr': self._attribs.keys(),
            'setattr': self._attribs.keys(),
            'delattr': self._attribs.keys()

  with self._attribs containing the attributes my provider is responsible for.

So is there any reason why _objectChanged is not called? Actually I am a bit
confused when reading the ZPatterns source which should call it.. ;-)
So which are the conditions under which it's supposed to be called?
(_objectAdded() as said before is called actually..)

I hope someone can help me :)


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