Concerning Zcatalog:

1. Search of vocabulary is fully matched, partial search, trancate search or
fuzzy search will be useful for searcher.
2. If we catalog all things in one catalog, then we need to make filter when
we want to search on one particular portation.
3. I would like to suggest :

   putting cataloger in branches and make them catalog only those they were
interested. for example, if we put catalog in every branch of tree, then
they catalog only that branch.

  catalog can be set to propagate their collection into higher level. This
can be done in background. Then a search on a higher level will result in :
1. result in that catalog which meet the search specification and result
from the lower level of those the higher level does not known as which match
the search specification.

In such settings, for example, we can arrange the catalog into multi-layer
or have catalog specialize in one section. And have the propagate
hierarchical which they update their upper level catalog in batch. The user
is allow to search in a level and get all results up to that level and

for example, in, we can put catalog in every document level, which
catalog one document and one mother catalog which combine all catalogs from
every document and one level up to handle all zope site. The we can search
specifically in whatever level we want.

It seems very difficult for all the catalog hierarchical to share their
storage, so there will be some storage inefficent. But this can provide the
necessary scalability.


Kent Sin

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