After hours of fiddling around, I've already given up Python methods,
but I can't even instantiate MySubZclass via External Methods?!?!?

        MyProduct . MyZClass . MySubZClass

1. folder.manage_addProduct['MyProduct'].MyZClass.MySubZClass_add(id)
        -> AttributeError for MySubZClass_add

        -> NameError on MySubZClass (at least it gets to the constructor

I really think one of the major pains of Zope is just instantiating
objects...  It's HELL hard, and NOT intuitive.

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Subject: [Zope-dev] Using Python script to create ZClass instances

Hi there,

Im having problems using Python script to create a ZClass instance from
a ZClass that's inside of another ZClass.  I have this addMyObject
Python script as constructor script for "Scriptable Type Information"
type object (CMF):

        ## Script (Python) "addMyObject"
        ##bind container=container
        ##bind context=context
        ##bind namespace=
        ##bind script=script
        ##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
        ##parameters=folder, id

        # folder.manage_addProduct('MyProduct')... doesn't work either

        item = getattr(folder, id)

        return item

MyObjects is a ZClass that contains MyObject.  The error I get is:

        Zope error
        Error type AttributeError 
        Error value MyObjects

There should be some explanation somewhere how to access resources
inside of Control_Panel, but I fail to find it.  Creating objects is
very confusing and difficult at times...

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