Hi Chris (and anyone else who can help),

Hopefully you may be able to save my sanity. Querying a ZCatalog(2.3.1, running
update thing made no difference), I'm getting the following error:

type:  exceptions.TypeError
value:  len() of unsized object

    sr = self.searchResults(kw)
  File "E:\Zope\2379A4~1.1\lib\python\Products\ZCatalog\ZCatalog.py", line 535,
in searchResults
    (REQUEST,used, query_map), kw)
  File "E:\Zope\2379A4~1.1\lib\python\Products\ZCatalog\Catalog.py", line 651, i
n searchResults
    used=self._indexedSearch(kw, sort_index, r.append, used)
  File "E:\Zope\2379A4~1.1\lib\python\Products\ZCatalog\Catalog.py", line 558, i
n _indexedSearch
    append((k,LazyMap(self.__getitem__, intset)))
  File "E:\Zope\2.3.1\lib\python\Products\ZCatalog\Lazy.py", line 205, in __init
    self._len = len(seq)

I inserted a print `seq` before that line, and the situations where it barfs,
seq is either 461695167 or 0, rather than the list it should be.

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone got a cleu what's going on or how I can find
out what's going on?



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